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P.H.S Alumni Scholarships



Submit applications and all supporting documents to Mrs. Francine Hassler's office (PHS Guidance Office) or via E-Mail.  (Please note:  due date deadlines will not be adjusted in the event of technology difficulties.)

Within this scholarships and grants category, the following scholarships have the same cover sheet and application:

  • Asmussen Family Memorial Alumni/Renewable Endowment Scholarship Guidelines

  • Chris Fathke Memorial Alumni Scholarship Guidelines

  • Delmar Brennan Memorial Alumni Endowment Scholarship Guidelines

  • Harold & Darlene Von Minden Memorial Alumni Endowment Scholarship Guidelines

  • Kim Dohma Memorial Alumni Endowment Scholarship Guidelines

  • Joan Reznicek Alumni Scholarship Guidelines

  • Ponca Community Educational Foundation Alumni/Renewable Scholarship Guidelines

  • PEA Alumni/Renewable Scholarship Guidelines



Under each of those scholarships is a description of the guidelines for eligibility.  If you are eligible and wish to apply for more than one scholarship you will need to complete the Alumni/Renewable Scholarship Checklist  (immediately follows) and mark all of the scholarships for which you want to be considered.

        Alumni/Renewable Scholarship Checklist

For those previously mentioned scholarships, applicants will only need to complete one Cover Sheet and one Application (immediately follows) for scholarship consideration.

           Cover Sheet


A completed scholarship application includes the following:

  • Alumni/Renewable Scholarship Checklist

  • Cover Sheet

  • Scholarship Application

  • Proof of Enrollment

  • Jpg photograph of applicant   (This picture may be published in PCEF advertisements.)



Submit applications and all supporting documentation to Mrs. Francine Hassler in the Ponca High School Guidance Office or via E-mail. The deadline for submission is March 1st of the award year. Paper copies or emailed copies must be received by the Ponca High School guidance department by 4:00 PM that day.

Please note:  Due date deadlines will not be adjusted in the event of technological difficulties.

You must have MsWord and/or Excel on your computer in order to complete the following applications.  If you have problems accessing these forms or need help using the forms contact Ponca School technologist, Mrs. Kristie Hayes.

Also, you will not be eligible to apply if you have received a scholarship from PCEF in the past and did not pick up.


*For all other awards in this category, applicants need to follow the instructions and complete that cover sheet and application provided for those specific awards.


Lamp Oil Special Use Endowment

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