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P.H.S. Graduating Seniors

Submit applications and all supporting documents to Mrs. Francine Hassler's office (PHS Guidance Office) or via E-Mail. 

(Please note:  due date deadlines will not be adjusted in the event of technology difficulties.)


Awards for P.H.S. Graduating Seniors:


Ponca Community Educational Foundation (PCEF) Scholarships

Any Ponca High School graduating senior is eligible to apply for this scholarship.  A completed application includes a five page application and a (head and shoulders) JPEG graduation picture.  The application should be signed and all materials should be

turned into the guidance office by 4:00 P.M., Friday, February 28 of the award year. Click on the following two links to access the five page application.)



"Ponca Promise" for Seniors Taking College Credit Classes their Senior Year of High School

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